Top 5 Trends in the Hospitality Industry Today

The hospitality industry is constantly changing. Technology and customer expectations have driven these changes and will continue to do so in the future. Here are the top five trends in the hospitality industry today.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

When booking a hotel room people want to be able to get a realistic view of what it looks like. Today’s technology makes this easier than it has ever been before. Virtual and augmented reality are now used to give people a 360-degree view of the hotel’s rooms. Since a growing number of people are starting to book their hotel reservations on their mobile device, hotels are going the extra mile to ensure that making those reservations is never a hassle.

Metasearch To Boost Visibility

Metasearch is now seen as the most effective method of increasing a hotel chain’s visibility to customers. Close to 90% of them have stated they will continue to use and increase their use of metasearch. It has been determined that almost 2/3 of independent hotels (those who do not have a chain of locations,) get customers to book directly with them.

Voice Search Keywords

When looking to book a hotel room online, customers often want to speak their requirements rather than typing them. With this in mind, hotel chains are fighting to find just the right key words so that when customers are looking for accommodations they are led to their particular chain.

Tools For Direct Bookings

Websites that specialize in helping people find and book a hotel room are turning to tools that allow people to search for hotel rates within their budget. As a result, hotels are saving money by using this method.


It’s not just the reservation process that is changing for hotels. Layouts and decor are also being updated for today’s travelers. Local culture is becoming an increasingly important part of the hotel experience. This includes displaying locally created artwork in both the lobby and in individual guest rooms. Lobbies and other common areas of hotels are now being made to feel more like home. Many hotels are choosing to incorporate amenities such as coffee machines, locally grown tea, freshly baked goods and in some cases, even a small but stocked library.

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