New Golf Course Construction in 2019

Although golf course construction and restoration are not as robust as it was several years ago, 2019 will still give golfers a chance to challenge their skills on several new courses. Here are some of the prominent course openings golfers can expect this year.

Desert Mountain Club (#7 Course)

Located in the hills high above Scottsdale, A.Z., this nine-hole course designed by Wendell Pickett and Bill Brownlee offers golfers a chance to test their merit on a challenging short course. What makes this course unique is golfers can use it to practice their games while facing the same tests most 18-hole courses offer.

Braemar Golf Course

This Edina, Minnesota-based course was once cramped with 27 not-so-memorable holes. A relatively unknown architect named Richard Mandell is changing all that by transforming the course into 18 memorable holes. He is also including a par-3 course for new golfers who want to learn more about the game.

Palamino Nine

The Wildhorse Golf Club of Robson Ranch in Denton, Texas will add nine new holes with designer Gary Stephenson at the helm. Stephenson plans to offer golfers from every skill level a chance to test their game with this additional short course. Denton is about an hour north of Dallas with over 2,000 home sites. Plans are in the works to add another 7,000 home sites and an additional 18-holes at the Wildhorse Golf Club.

The Grove XXIII

It is no secret that Michael Jordan loves to play golf. Now, he is throwing his hat in the golf-course design ring by opening The Grove XXIII in Hobe Sound, Florida. Bobby Weed is Jordan’s architect, and Weed promises to provide a progressive, 18-hole layout that works for on-course betting and match play. Weed states the course will give golfers a dynamic layout with breezes coming from every direction on every hole.

Payne’s Valley

This Tiger Woods-inspired course set to open in Ridgedale, Missouri promises to provide the Midwest a championship-level golfing experience. Woods says the course will offer short walks between tee boxes and holes making it a “walking-friendly course.” Set to open in late 2019, this is the first course inspired by Woods that is open to the public. The family of late golfer Payne Stewart collaborated with Woods and Johnny Morris, the founder of Bass Pro Shops.

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