A Look at Golf Courses Designed by Golf Pros

There are a large number of golf course architects out there who have designed gorgeous golf courses around the world. These specialty architects have a love for the game that is evident in the courses they design. There are many characteristics of a golf course, such as beauty, setting, and challenge. Each course has its own personality, which includes the number of bunkers, green sizes, and turf types. All are meant to enhance the golf experience. No one knows the game better and what makes a golf course be part of the top 100 courses in the U.S. than a golf professional. Many golf pros have switched from player to architect, especially upon retirement. When watching the tournaments, we are treated to the views of courses that golf’s greatest players have designed. Let’s take a look at a few courses designed by golf legends.

  1. Muirfield Village Golf Course — Located in Dublin, Ohio, this course was designed by Jack Nicklaus (Nicklaus Design) in the early 1970s. It received the honor of being #17 of “America’s 100 Greatest Courses.” A key feature of a Jack Nicklaus course is that Nicklaus elevates areas and puts greens on them, providing a challenge for golfers. Muirfield has 71 bunkers and 11 water hazards. The first event was a Columbus Pro-Am. Also, the Memorial Tournament has been held at Muirfield since 1976.  
  2. Bluejack National Golf Club — This course was designed by Tiger Woods (TGR Design). Although Woods has not retired, the opportunity to design courses gives him another view of the game. This was the first course he designed, located in Montgomery, Texas. Golfers enjoy the 755-acres on rolling hills with pines and hardwoods that has no roughs and provides wide landings. The key elements of the course are “playability, shot-making, and enjoyment of the game.”
  3. Shanty Creek – The Legend — Winner of the Michigan Golf Course of the Year in 2014, this signature Arnold Palmer course in Bellaire features numerous elevated areas and blind spots as well as water hazards and doglegs. At the center of these pristine greens is Lake Bellaire. Palmer designed the course to be challenging, but everyone can play to their handicap. The course includes championship tees among others, such as blue and white tees.

A golf course is a work of art through its lines, topography, colors, and textures. Golf pros recognize this and work with the natural landscape to create a great golf experience. There is nothing like playing on a golf course designed by a golf legend.

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